(Español) Un minino de ventas

En silencio

I won’t speak today about books or writing. I only want to share with you the tumblr I started a couple of months ago: En silencio. I hope you like it.

I use it to share all kinds of music I like (electronic, folk, pop, musicals, soundtracks…) and generally not too well known. Here’s a random, recent example:

I tend to find my own contents (whether they are new releases or not) instead of regurgitating sharing content published by other, which is the norm in tumblr. And I hardly write anything, hence its name: the idea is for me to shut up and let the music play.

(Español) Cheap Inferno

IV Edition of the International Flash Fiction Competition “Museum of Words”

The best-paid fiction contest in the world is back, with a whopping 20,000 $ prize for micro-stories up to 100 words.

you can read the rules and regulations here.

Also, if you enter code 5460 in the last field of the participation form, this blog could also receive a prize.

Good luck, everyone!

(Español) Las nuevas editoriales

Making the leap

Making the leap

(Español) Desventuras de una autora autoeditada