Mrs. Carrington

Mrs. Carrington


Online serial directed by Fidel Martínez. In Spanish with English subtitles. Premiered february 2009.


Year 1959. After losing her husband under mysterious circumstances, Leona Carrington finds herself heir to one of the largest fortunes in the United States. From that moment on, Mrs. Carrington gets engulfed in a thick plot of dark secrets and pestered by eccentric characters who try to lay hands on her fortune. Leona, however, is a strong woman who never falls short of resources…


– scriptwriter
– translation and subtitling
– character The Mysterious Voice

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Mrs. Carrington is a budget-zero production, and the first show in the world wholly shot in HD with new-generation DSLR photo cameras.


Awards: Best personal website 2009

Press (in Spanish): Ideal (18-02-2009), El País (19-06-2009), Granada Hoy (05-12-2009), Granada Hoy (09-12-2009), (front page 09-12-2009), El Impostor (03-03-2010)

Blogs (in Spanish): Showbitch, XatakaFoto, Sufridores en Casa, Universo Gay, GayChic, Abel Arana (twice), Mulholland World, EstaNocheGay, Jo Sales (twice and more)…

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Mrs. Carrington – Margot
Chumina Stafa – Tormenta García
Richard Colenster – Chema Moreno
The Mistress – La Prohibida
Paolo (chauffeur) – Francisco Molino
Lorenzo – Jorge Hernández
The Mysterious Voice – Álex Hernández-Puertas
Norma Winfrey – Deborah Ombres
Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come – Angelita la Perversa
Fortune-Teller – Olvido Gara “Alaska”
Detective Alfred Bates – Javier Corral


Fidel Martínez: writer, producer, director, cinematography, post-production
Álex Hernández-Puertas: writer, translation and subtitling
Antonio Casas: cinematography, lighting
Javier Bruque: sound
Tomás Herraiz: wardrobe and props
Ricardo Pina: wardrobe
Underground Hair Factory: hair
Francisco Porcel: still photographer
María Gay, Carmen Alcaide, Elidia Villar: translation and subtitling

La novela

La segunda temporada, a pesar de estar ya escrita, nunca llegó a rodarse, por lo que la serie quedó inconclusa. Por eso escribimos la historia completa en Mrs. Carrington, el novelón. Pincha aquí para saber más sobre la novela o comprar un ejemplar.

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