Teatro Fantasma

I formed this band in 2007 together with Francisco Bravo, self-tough guitarrist and full-time geek. We met through YouTube. A few months later, Ramón López Santiago -multiinstrumentalist born in Barcelona- joined us on the bass.

Unfortunately, Teatro Fantasma could not go on after I moved to Germany in May 2008. This site compiles its brief legacy.


Click on a title to see lyrics and more info about each song and access alternative versions and downloads.

Paco Bravo on electric guitar

Laura no está

      Laura no está

Pestañas asesinas / Killer Eyelashes

      Pestañas asesinas

El sueño de Basil Hallward

      El sueño de Basil Hallward





      Mañana (demo)

Happy emo

      Happy Emo (demo)


First performance in front of an audience: April 19th, 2008, Espacio Libre youth fair, Facultad de Ciencias, Granada.

For more pictures, check the Malvarrosa performance on Mañana, the premiere of the short film Killer Eyelashes and some random pics on the pages for the demos. Have fun!

Teatro Fantasma: Telón