The Missing Husband

For the soundtrack of this short film I wrote a simple theme:
      The Missing Husband

Killer Eyelashes

For the film‘s soundtrack I collaborated with director Fidel Martínez on the theme for the death scene of lieutenant Lady Sperm.
      Death of Lady Sperm My band Teatro Fantasma wrote and performed the theme song, Pestañas Asesinas. Listen to several version on the song’s page.
You can download the soundtrack here, a full 10-track album compressed in one zip file.

Teatro Fantasma

I formed this band in 2007 with guitarist Francisco Bravo.
There’s a whole section compiling our history and songs. I hope you like them!

Creative Writing podcast

As a soundtrack for the podcast (click here for more info), I recovered a discarded version of the title theme for my short film “Company”. I think it has a nice electronic touch to it.
      Taller literario


I shot this short film in 2006 and wrote an instrumental theme for its soundtrack.
You can see the short film and read more info in the Movies section.

El Otro

I wrote this 1-hour musical in Spanish in 2002. The tile translates as “The Other Man”.

It became the most performed play by the company Teatrófilos. In 2005 it won an award at the 1st Andalusian Theatre Competition that took place in Dílar (Granada).

It contains 4 songs. They were never fully recorded but you can listen to the instrumentals below.

Read more about the production in the Theatre section.

Some alternative versions have also survived:

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