Bonus audio

Additional contents for the Creative Writing podcast. All of them are available also on the feed, whether subscribing through RSS or iTunes.

La Sirena, de Ray Bradbury

Sessions 3 and 4 used Ray Bradbury’s “The Fog Horn” as an example. As a kind of experiment, I recorded the short story in audio format so it could be listened to just like the rest of the podcast. Also like the rest of the podcast, it’s in Spanish.
      Ray Bradbury - La sirena


As an intro to each session I used a discarded cut of the theme for the short film Company, more electronic than the final version used for the film.
      Creative Writing podcast theme


A podcast called El Arca de la Alianza used to interview popular Spanish podcasters as a way to strengthen the medium. I shared an hour with Daniel discussing the Creative Writing workshop and the publishing world. It was added to the feed as a complement to session 20, as they shared some themes.