Luxury & misery, honey

Tarjetas de Sasha

Destiny holds something in store…

Shopaholics Evelyn, Sasha, Paola and Nube are the most admired and despised girls in town. They have all they want… and they want it all!

Unfortunately for them, an unexpected holocaust will leave them the only survivors in a devastated world, alone with their miseries. They will set on a quest to find other survivors… if they can survive each other!



Director: Fidel Lorite
Script: Álex Hernández & Fidel Lorite

Main Photography: Antonio Casas & Ángel M. C.
Camera Operator: José Cillero
Still Photography: Francisco Porcel
Script: Laura Egea
Stylist: Noemí Martín
Hair & Make-Up: Underground Hair Factory
Make-Up Effects: Sandra Sobrino
Production Assistants: Álvaro Maldonado, Javier Bruque, Tomás Herráiz
Making Of: Elidia Villar

Soundtrack: “Cuando el Mundo se Acabe”, by Teatro Fantasma


Evelyn: Ana Gallego-Coín
Paola: Olga Izquierdo
Nube: Noelia Ruiz
Sasha: Verónica Larios

Reporter: Francisco Porcel
Butler: Tomás Herráiz
Hunks: Jorge Hernández, Raúl, Luismi, Angel M.C., Francisco José Marín, Salvador, Javier Bruque, Tomás Herráiz
Vague Cover Model: Elidia Villar

Special FX

We’re looking for collaborators to finish special effects and post-production. If you are interested or want to know more, drop us a line through the contact form. You can see the kind of finishing we’re looking for in this shot by Miguel Ángel Iglesia.

Shooting Stills

Photographs by Ángel M. C., Francisco Porcel “Franc-tireur” and Antonio Casas.

Revista Vague

Coming soon!