Goodbye Myra



This short film, together with “The Missing Husband“, was created for the section “A movie by…” of the international film festival NoTodoFilmFest.


“Ana” is just her stage name, but wig or no wig, things aren’t going great for her. She’s decided to put an end to everything, though not without saying farewell to her only real friend.


Co-writing, co-directing, editing


Finalist in the section “A movie by…” of the NoTodoFilmFest.

The Movie


Ana: Günther P.


Written and Directed: Günther P. & Álex Hernández-Puertas
On an original idea by: Günther P.
Make-up: Anja Zwetz

Technical Details

Original title: Goodbye Myra
Time: 3′09”
Format: HD 1080p30
Sound: Stereo
Camera: Kodak Zi8
Nacionality: Germany
Shot in Frankfurt on Februar 15th, 2010
Premiered at NoTodoFilmFest on February 23th, 2010