Major update

Several aspects and sections of the web have been updated in the last few days:

  • The music player is finally compatible with iOS devices
  • Amazon links now redirect to your region
  • Corrected a number of links and videos embedded with outdated code
  • Added several poems
  • Updated my portfolio of translated video games
  • Updated the fiction section with info on the latest anthology in which I have been published: Instinto animal
  • Translated several sections previously only available in Spanish
  • Added one more way to make donations towards server costs:

In the next few days I plan to keep adding more samples of my work.

En silencio

I won’t speak today about books or writing. I only want to share with you the tumblr I started a couple of months ago: En silencio. I hope you like it.

I use it to share all kinds of music I like (electronic, folk, pop, musicals, soundtracks…) and generally not too well known. Here’s a random, recent example:

I tend to find my own contents (whether they are new releases or not) instead of regurgitating sharing content published by other, which is the norm in tumblr. And I hardly write anything, hence its name: the idea is for me to shut up and let the music play.

I’ve been sampled

Today, a curiosity out of the depths of the internet. Sometime ago I recorded an audiobook version of the short story The Fog Horn by Ray Bradbury as a complement to my Spanish-language podcast. Well, it turns out that a listener from Mexico DF, who signs his Myspace as Ding Ding, has used samples of that recording to create an electronic ambient track:

      Líneas férreas

Allá afuera en el agua helada, lejos de la costa, esperábamos todas las noches la llegada de la niebla, y la niebla llegaba, y aceitábamos la maquinaria de bronce, y encendíamos los faros de niebla en lo alto de la torre. […] que miraba los barcos solitarios. […] que miraba los barcos solitarios. […] que miraba los barcos solitarios. […] -¿En qué piensa usted, McDunn, cuando lo dejo solo? -En los misterios del mar. […] -Los misterios del mar -dijo McDunn pensativamente-. ¿Pensaste alguna vez que el mar es como un enorme copo de nieve? Se mueve y crece con mil formas y colores, siempre distintos.

Perfect Premiere

Director Fidel Lorite, whom I often work with (see for example Killer Eyelashes or Mrs. Carrington), premieres today his new music clip “Perfecto”. It’s the new single from the latest album by Lantana, “Ex-Corazón”. I hope you like it

How to vote

Instructions to vote in the Robot Re-make Competition:

1) First you need to be registered and logged in on Youtube.
2) Follow this link.
3) Click on the button Join Group (don’t worry, it won’t send you any spam or anything).
4) On the right-hand column, find the video posted by dequesi (currently 5th on the Recent list but that will change).
5) Play the video.
6) Click “I love it”.

That’s all, thank you so much!

I am not a robot

Marina and the Diamonds has opened a Youtube competition for home-made videos for her great song “I am not a robot”.

Here’s mine.

Better server, more music

This week I’ve updated the server hosting my websites. The update became necessary as the traffic was increasing to almost 2 Gb per day, which would have sent the costs skyrocketing in no time. The good news is the updated hosting package provides unlimited traffic, so the main problem is now solved.

To celebrate, I’ve updated the Music section by adding several tracks from the Killer Eyelashes soundtrack, plus a zip file with the full album for free download. You can also listen for the first time to the track that I use as a soundtrack for the Creative Writing podcast. I hope you enjoy.