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Portada Mrs. CarringtonMy latest novel is now available!


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As you may have seen on our header, the crowdfunding for the second season of Mrs. Carrington has just opened. Be part of it and help us tell the whole story! What will happen to the rich heiress?

(Español) Damos la campanada

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Merry Christmas!

Once again this year, we wish you merry Christmas in our very own particular way…

And with this, I’m going on vacation. Enjoy the holidays, write loads, and see you in the future!

How’s your nano going?

I’ve been quiet lately, busy fine-tuning a novel, writing the second season of Mrs. Carrington and wondering -as if I didn’t have enough- what to write for my friends at Teatro Por Dinero, a new cultural venue in Madrid that I heartily recommend.

My personal NaNoWriMo challenge this year has been, instead of the 50,000 words, to write the whole second season of Mrs. Carrington in these 30 days -perhaps not in a ready-to-shoot, finalised script, but at least with a draft for every one of the 12 episodes. So far I’m still battling the treatment, but at least it’s a long treatment with some fundamental dialogue and action sequences already rolled out to a level of detail that should make things very easy when the time comes to expand each of those pages onto a 5-6 page draft.

We’re approaching the end of the first half now, so tell me, how are things going? Which topic are you writing about? And how is your word count? Are those 25,000 getting any closer?

The writer, taking a break, wonders whether to order pizza or Chinese.

Tous Ecrans

The international film festival Cinema Tous Ecrans takes place this week in Geneva. With its section New Screen, and entering competition, several episodes of Mrs. Carrington will be shown.

for those int he area, projections will take place on Wednesday 3rd at 4:30 pm and on thursday 4th at 9 pm.

More info and tickets at the website of the festival.