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Since we moved the Writing Workshop here and started off the bilingual blog things are getting busy! Unique visitors for the month of July amount to almost 60,000 – thanks a lot everyone!

To stay up to date with all that’s going on, I recommend RSS suscriptions, for example through Google Reader, so you won’t miss any new Posts or even any new Comments, where debates are getting hot!

Additionally, for Spanish speakers or students wishing to listen to the podcast, there are two suscription options available: RSS o iTunes.

Those with less experience with computers -or simply not willing to suscribe despite my recommendations- simply need to return frequently and have a look at the latest changes.

A note about the comments: unfortunately I’ve been so far unable to separate them by language, so currently all you see are Spanish-language comments. Please don’t let that refrain you from writing your own comments in English – it’s perfectly OK to have them mingle together until we find a better solution for this. (Suggestions are welcome too)

For those who already know all of this and are sick of having me repeat it, here’s the funny trivia/news of the day: I just found out that Placebo are Mrs. Carrington fans!

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