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(Español) Desventuras de una autora autoeditada

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There’s life out there

Some people say writing is their passion, their life, their this and that, their everything. You hear it from well-known authors and amateur scribblers. For others, however, making a living by putting words together becomes an unbearable burden, but these are rarely seen. It was the case of Frederica Sagor Maas,who died a few weeks […]

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(Español) Publicar para Kindle

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(Español) Publicar en iBookStore, misión imposible

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

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50 greatest novels for art students

Among the restless artists who gather here, not few of us care for more than literature. For those of you with a pictorial inclination, I present this list of “the 50 greatest novels for art students“, arguable as any list but full of gems, many of them little known, all of them crowded with painters, […]

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(Español) Cedo la palabra

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Straight advice

Carlton Cuse, father numer 2 for Lost, was recently in Madrid to teach a course on television. If you have something to write, write it. To the point, huh? He insists that creativity is more important than technique. I guess we could say his best friend Damon Lindelof made good use of the lesson when […]

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