International sales agent

los-gatosWe already mentioned that Mrs. Carrington aroused a great deal of interest in the Market section of the LesGaiCineMad festival last month. Well, those contacts have proven fruitful. We have signed a deal with Phillipe Tasca of Rendez-vous Pictures to take care of worldwide distribution for the series.

This could mean all kind of changes (hopefully for the better) in the show’s future, and especially a greater commercial visibility. What will the destiny bring? We’ll leave that on Phillipe’s hands as we focus on shotting the final scenes for this first season. By the way, have you already tried to guess who died in episode 7?

In the photo, Phillipe and me at the bar Los Gatos in Madrid, after and aboundant and delicious tapas lunch and a friendly conversation on the commercial possibilities of the series.

LesGaiCineMad 2009

I’m still in Madrid doing promotion for Mrs. Carrington at the 1st LesGaiCineMad Spanish LGBT Film Market. Several international distributors have already shown their interest in our work, so we’re really glad with the first initial response.

Here are some images from Tuesday’s PhotoCall.

PhotoCall LesGaiCineMad

PhotoCall LesGaiCineMad

PhotoCall LesGaiCineMad

Left to right: Fidel Martínez (director), Lucas Casanova (producer of LesGaiCineMad), Margot (Leona Carrington), servidor (scriptwriter), Tormenta (Chumina Stafa), Mariel Marciá (Head of Market) and Gerardo Pérez (director of LesGaiCineMad).

(Español) Halloween

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LGTB Film Market

LGTB Film MarketFrom October 30th to November 7th I’ll be in Madrid for the LGTB Film Market. Fidel Martínez of FreakMeOut Films, director of Mrs. Carrington, will be there with me to promote the show, meet other creatives and find support for future projects. See you there!

(Español) Grandes preguntas

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Mrs. Carrington live!

Good new for Mrs. Carrington fans! Travelling to Madrid this weekend will transport you all in time to a unique chance to meet her personally!

The show’s team will join be joining the Pride Parade on Saturday, socializing with fans and spreading the word through a fantastic set of flyers that are presented here as a special preview:

flyer-del-orgullo1 flyer-del-orgullo2 flyer-del-orgullo3 flyer-del-orgullo4 flyer-del-orgullo5

For those who (like me) can’t be in Madrid for such a special event, there is no lack of news anyway. July 10th will see the premiere of episode 6, titled “Grandes Preguntas” (“tricky questions”… exact translation to be determined). The show will take a well-deserved break in August, but don’t despair: the gap will be filled by a Summer Special entitled “Welcome, Mrs. Carrington”. You will love them!

Mrs. Carrington in Mexico

Boceto de vestuario para Leona Carrington

Today, June 18th 2009, is the starting date for Mix 13, the Festival for Sexual Diversity on Film and Video. During the festival, all current episodes of Mrs. Carrington will be projected on the silver screen and with subtitles. The projection will take place at the Cineteca Nacional on Friday 26th at 6:15 PM.

Besides, the Mrs. Carrington section has been updated with additional links to blogs and online newspapers covering the show and/or interviewing the director, Fidel Martínez.