Mrs. Carrington live!

Good new for Mrs. Carrington fans! Travelling to Madrid this weekend will transport you all in time to a unique chance to meet her personally!

The show’s team will join be joining the Pride Parade on Saturday, socializing with fans and spreading the word through a fantastic set of flyers that are presented here as a special preview:

flyer-del-orgullo1 flyer-del-orgullo2 flyer-del-orgullo3 flyer-del-orgullo4 flyer-del-orgullo5

For those who (like me) can’t be in Madrid for such a special event, there is no lack of news anyway. July 10th will see the premiere of episode 6, titled “Grandes Preguntas” (“tricky questions”… exact translation to be determined). The show will take a well-deserved break in August, but don’t despair: the gap will be filled by a Summer Special entitled “Welcome, Mrs. Carrington”. You will love them!

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