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As some of you may know, one of my ongoing projects is a podcast devoted to Creative Writing, unfortunately avaiable only in Spanish. So far, the workshop had its own separate blog, but I am now integrating it here. That means that all the old posts (only in Spanish) have been incorporated in the Archive, creating a lot of entries which are quite pointless to you English speakers. Sorry about that.

The bright side is that, from now on, I will try to write bilingual entries for all my next Creative Writing posts, so that even if the podcast is only in Spanish, at least all potential writers out there might benefit from this new side of the blog. Welcome to the workshop!

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Jesus (mac66)

Me parece una buena idea. Creo que será bastante más cómodo.
Aunque quizá no sea el mejor lugar para hacerlo, te invito a pasarte por “La Nave de los Locos” el blog de Fernando Valls, que tuvo la generosidad de publicarme cinco micros inéditos, un escaparate al que difícilmente habría tenido acceso sin el apoyo y los ánimos que, tal vez sin darte mucha cuenta, me has ido dando.

Un abrazo muy fuerte

Jesus (mac66)

Olvidé decir que las entradas corresponden a los días 5 y 7 de julio.