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(Español) Preventa de “Instinto animal”

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Setting one’s literary standards

In Iceland, a century ago, an older woman dictates a letter to Álfgrímur. It was going to be a long-drawn-out business to compose this document. The woman was so fastidious in her choice of words that she made me cross it all out as fast as I wrote it down. “We’ll tear up this awful […]

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The classics

I always say I’m more into the classics, but I could be more precise. Most of my readings come from a relatively short stretch of about seventy years, from the last third of the 19th century until the mid-20th. I rarely venture further back in time, out of fear to feel overcome by the socio-cultural […]

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Class notes

A simple question today from “Señor Nox”: I’d like to ask you for the titles of the books you recommended in the podcast regarding the art of writing. As the podcast is only available in Spanish, I think it’s interesting to list here the books that have been more thoroughly discussed so that everyone can […]

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Frank McCourt

Frank McCourt wrote three novels before dying last year at the age of 78. The first one, Angela’s Ashes, narrates his miserable Irish childhood in the slums of Limmerick, the opression of his Catholic upbringing and his fight to achieve the dream of sailing to America. It won the Pulitzer Prize and it makes a […]

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Satoshi Kon passes away

I had prepared a different topic for today, but there are bad news. I was sad went I went to bed last night after reading of the decease of Satoshi Kon. Curiously, his appearance on the blog this week follows nicely after Alan Moore y David Lynch (he’s often compared to the latter) though I […]

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Lynch (One)

The Landscape of Alan Moore, which we discussed yesterday, awoke in me the interest to see another documentary on one of our scarce mad geniuses alive, the ever original David Lynch. Lynch (One) covers a period of about two years (2005-2006) and witnesses the recording of some videos for affiliates, the creation of some […]

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