Comic Shorts Special

NoTodoFilmFest has prepared a selection with the best comedy shorts from its latest edition. Among the chosen ones is our Goodbye Myra.  Would you like to review it?

Finally finalists

Alejandro Amenábar has chosen five nominées but unfortunately both “Goodbye Myra” and “The Missing Husband” are not included. Still not bad!

Two finalists for the price of one

Both short films presented to the “A film by…” section of the NoTodoFilmFest have been selected as finalists, awaiting the decision of the jury: renowned director Alejandro Amenábar (“The Others”).

This also means that Álex Hernández-Puertas is the only director with two movies among the twenty finalists.

To celebrate the event, we have created new sections in the Movies area ofthis website for each of them: “Goodbye Myra” and “The Missing Husband“, including the soundtrack to the latter.

Don’t forget to drop by the festival’s page for one and the other to leave your reviews.

Wish us good luck!

Goodbye Myra

Several hundred short films are already competing for a variety of awards at the NoTodoFilmFest, but one section is still open to participants. In “A film by… Alejandro Amenábar“, the renowned director sets up a premise from which each participant can develop their own story in a maximum time of three minutes and thirty seconds.

This year I take part in a Notodo for the first, with not one but two films. The first one is a project by my partner Günther in which I ended up involved to the core – to the point that it’s finished even before my own. It’s called Goodbye Myra and it’s already available at the website of the festival.

We’ll be expecting your comments!