Everybody can write

Raise your hand if you think you can write!

I said it yesterday: everybody thinks they can write. Those who can move a camera. Those who can hold a pencil. Those woh can direct their actors. Those who can program a computer. If they can do all those complex technical things, what else do they need to write a movie, a comic, a play, a game? As Brenda Ueland used to say, everybody hsa something to tell!

I’ll admit that there are many creators who are capable of doing all that and writing their own stories. We can all think up names of movie directors and comic authors so I won’t make a list. The problem is that everybody wants to be one of those auteurs… which is another reason why there are so many mediocre pieces out there. If you intend to write for an audio-visual format, that’s one of the challenges you’ll have to face: the disdain of some “professionals” in the sector who’ll think that writing may as well get done by monkeys.

This topic, among many others, came up in conversation with our first guest ever, a renowned Spanish comic author whose words will cover these pages in the next few days.

But with this we’re already going away from the topic of videogames, back into the general themes of this multi-faceted blog. I hope this light introduction to the issue captured your interest, as we’ll find more chances to delve deeper into its complexities. In the next few days we’ll catch up with news that have been popping up on the interwebs in the last few days and then we’ll pass the mike to our first interviewee. Stay tuned!

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Eso de “Todo el mundo sabe escribir” me ha recordado algo que dijo Antonio Gala en una entrevista que concedió en televisión, con motivo de la presentación de uno de sus libros. Según Gala ahora todo el mundo quiere escribir, y añadió que algunos “escritores” deberían dedicarse a dirigir una empresa o a ejercer de jefes en una oficina, probablemente se les daría mucho mejor.


Siempre existirán “los Benito y compañía” o “los Pepe Gotera y Otilio, chapuzas a domicilio”. Y “los negros” en la literatura.

Nieves Alper

Todo el mundo sabe hacer lo que tiene a su alcance en cuanto a herramientas se refiere. Teclado para escribir, Photoshop para diseñar, cámara para fotografiar… La cosa es asín, o así de optimistas somos los humanos xD