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(Español) Tu primer guion corto

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(Español) Secundarios Reloaded

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This man has just earned a lot of points in my admiration scale thanks to this interview. On art: You try to go to a producer today and say you want to make a film that hasn’t been made before; they will throw you out because they want the same film that works, that makes […]

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(Español) Cámara, diálogo… ¡Acción!

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

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November scriptwriting tips

While you wrote your nanovel, the guy at Screenwriting Tips has kept his thing running. Let’s see what he’s been up to… 442 You know how time becomes sort of elastic during action scenes in movies? You can replicate that in your script. Short words and clipped sentences when you want the action to skip […]

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Scriptwriting Tips October

For all the busy nanowriters out there, here’s a best-of for October at Scriptwriting Tips. Whether you’re writing comedy or horror, there’s something here for you. Hope they help you push forward! 421: For god’s sake, don’t throw away/delete your original notes, no matter how much your idea may have changed. You’ll need them for […]

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Scriptwriting tips September

Here’s a selection of the best posts on Scriptwriting Tips during the month of September: 380: Actually spell out what will happen if your ticking clock runs out. Does it just stop ticking? Or is it attached to a metaphorical bomb that blows up everything your protagonist’s worked for? 381: A protagonist who succeeds because […]

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