We’ve been updating for a few weeks already, having started the writing workshop blog and everything, but today in particular there were quite a number of small tweaks going on. Mainly I’ve fixed a bug in the WordPress plugins that filled up my English-language pages with extra blank lines. Hopefully, that shouldn’t happen anymore. If you notice that something else has gone wrong, or come up with ideas for future improvements, please don’t hesitate to use the contact form (which by the way has also been renovated).

Aditionally, I’m experimenting with extracting segments of video as illustrations for the writing workshop. I have just updated the recent entries on Alan Moore and David Lynch with the videos of the quotes I used. Please let me know if you like the idea and would like to see more videos in the future, or whether you consider this a waste of time and space.

The final addition is rather oriented to Spanish speakers, as I used to be the official translator for the Dork Tower comic strip and I’ve uploaded those comics in a new section. For you English speakers, I recommend a visit at the official site.

By the way… Are there any English-speaking readers out there at all? If so, please let me know!