Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder logoThis week saw the release of the new Super Mario Bros. Wonder and the reception could not have been better. We have translated it with a lot of love and the Spanish press has appreciated it.

“The talking flowers that populate the courses are worth paying attention to: their dialogues in perfect Spanish will get a laugh or two out of you.” (El Correo)

… “the dubbing comes to us in Spanish for the talking flowers that are scattered throughout the stages, which give us clues and make comments that, on some occasions, we found very funny.” (Vandal)

… “talking flowers with lots of panache.” (Nintenderos)

“there are plenty of talking flowers who guide us, point out interesting elements of the landscape and even provide small doses of humor. And yes, in Super Mario Bros. Wonder we not only read what they say, but we also hear them speak in Spanish. A great little detail perfect for the small ones at home to enjoy as much as the not so small.” (VidaExtra)

“I’d emphasise the sound effects, simply great, and in particular the voices of the flowers (in Spanish), which accompany the game as commentators, giving encouragement and even advice. Fantastic.” (3DJuegos)

“Talking flower is ace.” / “I’ll miss the talking flower’s sharp comments.” (GameReactor)

“You may hate the talking flowers at first, but you’re sure to get used to them over time and they’ll end up feeling like one of the best characters in the series. This is achieved thanks to a lighthearted and simple humor for all audiences which envelops the game in a charming atmosphere.” (Nintendúo)Super Mario Bros. Wonder talking flower animated gif