LGBT+films now available

LGBT+films is an all-out celebration of LGBT+ diversity and cinema! A hardcover book in which over 50 LGBT+ artists ​(and a few allies!) reinterpret mainstream films and reimagine their worlds.

Once again I’ve collaborated with its editor, my good friend Fidel Lorite, and together we’ve rewritten the synopsis for each movie to turn them into touching LGBT+ stories and fun acts of activism.

AS an example, here is the synopsis for A Clockwork Orange and its illustration by the talented Nazareth Dos Santos.

The Clockwork Orange, by Nazareth dos Santos

“Alex DeLarge had a troubled past. Her identity crises caused her to end up subject to lengthy conversion therapies for LGBT+ people. The process was tough, but she survived it. Now, at last, she has found herself, but not thanks to those therapies. In fact, she has decided that her mission is to eliminate them forever from the face of the earth and that no one will fall victim to them again, ever. To achieve this, true to her pacifist ideals, she will use exclusively non-violent means.”

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