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Of human bondage

Yesterday we posed a question: Which is the best chosen word in this line? Her voice was so weak that it seemed to come already from a great distance. It’s not the verb, “was”, as it doesn’t express action but merely introduces the attribute. It might be “voice”, which is the noun that the sentence […]

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The precise word

I’d like to present you today with a good example of the simple, precise prose to which we always aspire. And with the example, an exercise. Last night I started reading “Of Human Bondage” by W. Somerset Maugham. On the first page, a maid takes a sleepy child in her arms to his mother’s bed. […]

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Great expectations

I’ve mentioned Scriptshadow in the past, so I won’t introduce Carson Reeves again. Last Monday he reviewed the script for Vanishing On 7th Street, a horror film whose trailer is already available: As you can see, everybody disappears form the face of the earth, with the rare exception of our protagonists. There’s also something strange […]

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