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Most of my fiction so far has been written in Spanish, so unfortunately I do not have any texts in English I can share here.

Here’s a brief overview of my published work.



La vida pese a todo: Partially autobiographic novel, combining -like life itself- laughter and tears. More info

Short stories

Cuando calienta el sol           Instinto animal           Pop! 10+1 relatos musicales

Reformas en el dormitorio: Included in the anthology of erotic short stories Cuando calienta el sol.

La metamorfosis de Gregoria Sánchez: A reinterpretation of The Metamorphosis by Kafka and how the story applies, almost unchanged, to a modern teenage girl. Published in 2015 within the anthology Instinto animal: 15 historias de lobas y cambiaformas.

¿Podrás perdonarla?: Inspired by the Pet Shop Boys’ song Can you forgive her? and included in the anthology Pop! 10+ relatos musicales.