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And stop messing around. Procrastination from ism studios on Vimeo.

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Narrator 2.0

Developers keep finding new ways to tell stories through games, and Supergiant Games comes up with a surprising idea which is, at the same time, a look back and a step forward. Their next release Bastion includes the voice of a narrator. It’s a look back on the origins of narration because it brings back […]

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Perfect Premiere

Director Fidel Lorite, whom I often work with (see for example Killer Eyelashes or Mrs. Carrington), premieres today his new music clip “Perfecto”. It’s the new single from the latest album by Lantana, “Ex-Corazón”. I hope you like it

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(Español) Sebas Martín (5) Guión y cine

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Vigalondo pills

Nacho Vigalondo, the acclaimed director of The Time-Crimes (Cronocrímenes), is already promoting his forthcoming flick Extraterrestre. Luckily, instead of just telling us how nice everbybody in the team was and how much fun they had over the hard, hard shooting, he shares his expertise through these 5 pills of writer-director’s wisdom: In a nutshell: Know […]

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Who writes the game?

Yesterday we mentioned how teamwork imposes limitations on the videogame writer. Today we’ll explore the topic. We can understand the issue by looking at how movies are made. A script needs many pairs of hands to make a writer’s ideas become real settings, costumes, sounds, colours, performances, camera angles, cuts, soundtrack and so on and […]

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What is “writing” in a game?

The people from Extra Credits offer an answer: What is writing in a game? It’s what the characters say in cutscenes and dialogue boxes. It’s those voice tabs that characters shout out during combat. It’s also the background chatter that characters expell as the player passes by. It’s the words in the options menu, and […]

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