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(Español) La novela colectiva

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The pleasure of writing

[…] I had the opportunity to share some drinks with several students of journalism in their third year. I wasn’t all that surprised to learn that they had no university newspaper or even personal blogs. In fact, they said, they didn’t usually write. “Why are you studying journalism, then?”, I asked. “Most people in my […]

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Interview on El Impostor

The latest issue of Spanish-language online fanzine El Impostor focuses on independent productions, and includes an interview with Fidel Martínez (director) and myself (writer) on Mrs. Carrington. The interview can be found here.

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Lost. Execute.

Spanish TV channel Cuatro has invited LOST fans to create posters for the 6th season of the show using only their own graphic material. I came up with the image you can see here. The text reads: “LOST. SEASON 6. EXECUTE.” At the time of writing, the poster presides the selection of favourites of the […]

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Leona on the news

Mrs. Carrington, the most glamorous (and most camp) show on the internet keeps generating news, appearing on several local newspapers this week (see the articles on Granada Hoy from Saturday and today or the front page today at As reported in these articles, the show will be screened in Granada tonight as a special […]

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LesGaiCineMad 2009

I’m still in Madrid doing promotion for Mrs. Carrington at the 1st LesGaiCineMad Spanish LGBT Film Market. Several international distributors have already shown their interest in our work, so we’re really glad with the first initial response. Here are some images from Tuesday’s PhotoCall. Left to right: Fidel Martínez (director), Lucas Casanova (producer of LesGaiCineMad), […]

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(Español) Halloween

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

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