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And stop messing around. Procrastination from ism studios on Vimeo.

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The classics

I always say I’m more into the classics, but I could be more precise. Most of my readings come from a relatively short stretch of about seventy years, from the last third of the 19th century until the mid-20th. I rarely venture further back in time, out of fear to feel overcome by the socio-cultural […]

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Everybody can write

I said it yesterday: everybody thinks they can write. Those who can move a camera. Those who can hold a pencil. Those woh can direct their actors. Those who can program a computer. If they can do all those complex technical things, what else do they need to write a movie, a comic, a play, […]

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When I grow old I will make games

If I want to make games, what do I have to do? Just as if you want to work on any other activity, there’s only one way: become a professional. That means you’ll have to work hard, to study and to practice. As the industry grows (and they already say it moves more money than […]

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The reader’s role

I just happened upon this quote: We’re not as clever as people think. Intelligence is letting the book open so the reader can finish it as they wish. Colum McCann It reminded me of one of the epigrams that form the preface to the wonderful The Picture of Dorian Gray. It is the spectator, and […]

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50,000 words

People often ask how long should their novel be. We’ve all faced the problem of wanting to fill up two hundred pages and having nothing to say after only didty. Contests often deman a minimum of 50.000 words. What is the right length of a novel? Let the experts speak: Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland […]

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Finding time

We wonder too often how to find time for writing. Quite accidentally I’ve found a nice way: when I get home after work, unless I have some other plan, I grab my laptop, play some  music, pour a drink, sit at the balcony and write. The cats meow? I feed them, then go on writing. […]

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