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Catching up with tips, day 5: Scenes

With this last day of Screenwriting Tips we introduce a topic which I expect to discuss in depth soon: the construction of SCENES. 874: Instead of just throwing characters into arguments, try thinking about their goals for the scene. Who’s trying to achieve their goal, who’s blocking someone else’s goal, and whose goal changes halfway […]

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Catching up with tips, day 4: Horror

Horror is not only a genre. It’s easy to forget that it’s also an emotion, and a very powerful one, that we can use in all kinds of stories at some point or other. Here are a few recent Screenwriting Tips on HORROR. 861: Horror is when the audience has no idea what’s going to […]

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Catching up with tips, day 3: Plot

Our Screenwriting Tips selection today deals with PLOT. 866: The most powerful method for refining motivation and stakes in your script is to ask, “So what?”. So what if the protagonist loves a man her parents disapprove of? So what if the villain learns all about the hero’s plan? So what if the main character […]

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Catching up with tips, day 2: The craft

We continue our review of the best Screenwriting Tips of the past few months. Today, some advice on THE CRAFT of writing. 872: Become a collector. Collect ideas, bits of dialogue, kinds of people, things that move you, social trends. You never know when you might need them. 871: If you’ve got a zealous, all-encompassing worldview […]

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Catching up with tips, day 1: Characters

It’s been a while since our last compilation of Screenwriting Tips, and pay attention because they’ve moved to a new address! This week we’re going to catch up. As there are so many good tips, we’ll divide them by topic. Today: CHARACTERS. 873: What does the love interest offer the protagonist? What does he or […]

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(Español) Relatos en Psiqueactiva

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

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(Español) Publicar para Kindle

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