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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I’m proud to announce that I’ve been part of the localization team for the game everybody is talking about: Reviewers worldwide have labelled it a masterpiece (with a 98% score on Metacritic) and in Spain they’ve also stopped to praise the dubbing and even sometimes the localization in general. The Spanish texts are absolutely fantastic […]

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(Español) Derechos del traductor

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.


Paper Mario: Color Splash localization reviews

This week sees the release of one of my latest translation jobs, the fantastic Paper Mario: Color Splash, one of the funniest games I’ve had the pleasure to work on. My recommendation brings company: reviews are pretty positive and many are pointing out the success of the Spanish localization team. Thanks, it’s been our pleasure! But […]

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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and Human Resource Machine

I have updated my ptranslation portfolio with my latest published works. I hope you’ll enjoy them.  

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Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.

Tomorrow is the European release date for Code Name: S.T.E.AM., a new Nintendo videogame in whose localization I’ve had the pleasure of being deeply involved. It’s a third-person strategy game developed by Intelligent Systems, best known for series such as Fire Emblem, Advance Wars and my much beloved Paper Mario. I’m glad to report that […]

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(Español) Cheap Inferno

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The latest project I’ve been working on is finally approaching its release date. On June 14th, 3DS owners all over Europe will finally get their hands on the long-awaited… Some Spanish blogs had early access to the game, so there are already previews surfacing: The turtle who sails the boat is an ace, one of […]