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Writers’ block


En silencio

I won’t speak today about books or writing. I only want to share with you the tumblr I started a couple of months ago: En silencio. I hope you like it. I use it to share all kinds of music I like (electronic, folk, pop, musicals, soundtracks…) and generally not too well known. Here’s a […]

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Más vivo que nunca

Hola a todos. Pensaríais que me había muerto, que os había abandonado para siempre, que el taller hasta aquí llegaba y bien está, gracias y buenas noches, apaguen la luz al salir. No han faltado motivos para pensarlo, principalmente, que hace más de un año que no estrenamos sesión del podcast. Tampoco faltan consultas sin […]


20 years of good behaviour

The writing workshop only covers fiction, i.e. prose, as versified texts follow different rules. I am however aware that many songwriters use the podcast for advice and inspiration. With this piece of trivia as my excuse, I break my own rule to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my favourite album of my favourite band: “Behaviour” […]


We go purple