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Danger! Author armed!

Here concludes the monographic week devoted to Frank McCourt, I hope you liked it. If you intend to purchase the books, I’d like to remind you that by doing so through the links we provide, a small commission will reach this website and help support the Writing Workshop.

This week also served to kick off two new experiments:

  • First, the less evident of them: the use of my own photography to illustrate the posts. Indeed the images from Thursday and Friday are my own work. Like everybody else these days, I’ve been using Google Images too often, and I was getting tired of the impersonal copy-paste. The workshop deals with words so sometimes it’s hard to think of an image that adds anything, but at the same time I think the site looks nicer with pics, so I hope by using my own photos the selection of images will be, perhaps not more relevant, but at least more personal.
  • The second novelty of the week was obviously, the monography itself, or the series of posts, or the episodic article, however you like to call it. The next series will be ready very soon, and I would suggest you to call in your comic-fan friends… I will say no more for now.

Finally, a little reminder: we are still tweaking the website quite often. Due to this, it’s possible that the audios of our podcast have been duplicated in your iTunes – sorry about the inconvenience. If that is your case and you wish to free that space, you only need to delete the duplicate entries – the feed will continue to work normally. If you find any other problem, like missing images or broken links, please let us know through the contact form. Thank you all, and have a nice weekend!